We are building the future of Cambodia


We aim to empower the next generation of Cambodians by connecting them to the technology, education and resources needed to compete in the modern age.

What We Do

Online Academy

Zero-barrier education for Cambodia

Education paves the way for progress. Sobizco will provide education unconstrained by location, language, or cost by offering Cambodia’s first e-learning platforms in the native Khmer language. Our online education will also be available to our talents at an affordable price.

Affordable Housing

Ensuring local housing security

By offering apartments to students for a discounted price, we can keep living costs affordable while offering them a centralized community to thrive.

We hope to build a lively, forward-thinking, and highly-skilled neighborhood that will grow the local economy and attract new businesses and community members.

Volunteering & Ecotourism

Supplementing education with experience

Learning without implementation is not enough. By partnering with local NGOs working with international students, we encourage skill exchange with our local students and exposure to real-life applications.

Over time, we expect to expand to a more ecotourism-focused experience.

Business / IT Consulting

Setting businesses up for success

Educated and trained through Sobizco’s programs, our employees will be highly knowledgable in what keeps a business running. From legal and tax consulting to websites and Facebook ads, Sobizco will help local businesses become financially viable and ready to scale.

FinTech Solutions

Connecting Cambodia to the global

A successful economy has the ability to expand internationally. Sobizco will transform the way Cambodia operates financially. Our plans for an international money transfer solution opens up an avenue for growing online businesses and technical outsourcing from Cambodia.

E-Commerce Platform

Developing Cambodia’s e-commerce environment 

Online payment is the fastest way to grow a business, and we hope to provide Cambodia with a secure e-commerce platform for businesses to offer services and products online for their local and international audiences.

Company Officers

Decades of experience, local leadership and global oversight.

“In order to develop, a country must help itself… only the citizens themselves are able to understand the complex intracisies to make development possible.”

SOBIZCO offers world-class technical leadership alongside local expertise.

Ouk Keobuntheang


Dr. Keobuntheang holds multiple degrees from various prestigious universities in Cambodia, including a PhD of Economics from the Royal Academy of Cambodia, a Master of Laws from the Royal University of Law and Economics, and an MBA from the National University of Management. 

He has had over a decade of experience in various NGOs including the US Peace Corps and has served as Principal Director in multiple organizations, the most recent being the Chief Country Director of Cambodia of Projects Abroad.

George Ge

Director of Technology (DOT)

George holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Columbia University, ranked one of the top 5 universities in the United States. He has over 5 years of industry experience in the technology sector and has worked at JPMorgan Chase, one of the top banks in North America.

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Sobizco is a social enterprise offering enrichment services to help you succeed personally or as a larger organization.  Empower a growing tech workforce with the skills to bring the Kingdom into a better future.

Let’s bridge the gap. Join us!

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